burberry logo reiter 2015-12-02 09:12

Bags arrived early, only to get today due to personal reasons, the quality is really good ah, before buying another home with the money because of poor quality are back, this bag is really good quality, good lift bags also very type, hardware quality is also very good, buy red azalea, very satisfied! Bag is really good. Leather styles are very good, no color, and exactly the same picture, super love. Value for money. There are parents who want to buy can be assured bite. Thank stores to send a small gift, I wish the store business is booming, Betty patient and thoughtful customer service, the boss should be given a raise yo. 5 points bags really do not ye, with the day, there are two peeling, revealing white.
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 burberry mens dress shoes 2015-12-02 09:12

Bag style looks good, no color, material is very good, very satisfied! Bag style look good, leather good, is genuine, good love! Bag style look good, leather good, workmanship is very fine, very fond of bag styles look good, color is your favorite, very satisfied bag style look great, good quality, affordable, very satisfied. Bag style looks good, quality is also good, on the whole quite satisfactory.
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 burberry haymarket detail leather ballerinas 2015-12-02 09:12

Next time definitely has come, whether it is to buy their own or to send to friends, or introduced to the side of a small partner, will support the start ?? buy large, is too great, ah, for more than seven meters tall or a little strong back. Since the time to discuss with the sale shipping send to dig too expensive for a small, plus shipping discount equal to not enjoy, EMS replacement when the speed of a snail, and things are not sent to two days, the recipient's but by the next day fee, call to go after him, but also that they do not send cattle b of the area today, it is best to play it resolved 11,183 complaints.
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 burberry down pea coat 2015-12-02 08:12

But just good, very satisfied can also be a single shoulder portable, simple and elegant, the color is very positive, my mother liked the attitude of good customer service, but pack a little taste, but still quite satisfactory customer service people just fine, warm, bought bags received feel good, value for money! Customer service attitude is super good, service very warm, very good things are good, praise! Fantasy customer service attitude is very good. Send the packet did not think the quality is great. Large bag is definitely okay leather bags, the taste is not great, the color is also very good, will patronize.
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 burberry limited edition bags 2015 2015-12-02 08:12

The package looked for a long time, double 12 discount photographed, very pleasantly surprised after receipt, simple is my favorite section, the cortex is also very bright, after the baby can be bought in their home, it is recommended.
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 burberry jewelry sale 2015-12-02 08:12

Customer service attitude is very good, very patient in the process of inquiry, all very satisfied friends.
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 cleaning burberry nylon tote 2015-12-02 07:12

Good products and good quality genuine nice good speed without color is my favorite products is consistent with the description of services, real leather, good workmanship, looks very upscale, very satisfied with online shopping, goods received, my wife was like, Like the quality and appearance and pictures on there like quickly orders. Products of good quality, good material, logistics to the force, the store service attitude is very good, it is recommended a product super good, quality high-end atmosphere, no wonder so much praise, the bag is very good, logistics super-fast, super good very satisfied , with something as good as the store, but also a lot cheaper.
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 burberry jackets for babies 2015-12-02 06:12

Good quality accessories is also very beautiful, very fond aunt of the shopping very satisfied, the future will continue to support it. Bag is very pretty, is what I want, it should be leather, but the color may be a little dark, it does not matter. Logistics, service came good, all the bags I received a five-star, opened it really was like my heart wants, and the seller's figure is consistent workmanship and quality are no problem, very much, bags like, express delivery staff attitude will not do. Simply because I do not go downstairs to pick up delayed delivery. I told him, then you really do not want to go back the delivery of good.
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 burberry london polo 2015-12-02 05:12

Really like the bag, the style is very fashionable, friends have asked me to link up, very satisfied with it logistics quickly, good quality leather, with the description of the same color, very cheap, worth the price, I liked it, next time will logistics patronize fast, leather bags should be the right size, but may not be oiled, no shine. Generally speaking you can. Logistics speed faster than I imagined, the package is also nice, this is my first evaluation, the evaluation is not a bad thing, wrapped like logistics fast, received the bag, good quality style is also good friends have asked where to buy, they have introduced over.
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 burberry at valley fair 2015-12-02 03:12

Bags in the cart for a long time, always liked that this finally it came to me, Oh love is like, always good, the future will continue to focus on, thank you for the patience to answer customer service home bags of receipt goods that day, try buckle strap when a button is broken breaking, super depressed! have not had time to go back, I did not follow up on the issue every time you want me to remind the service in general! bags morning arrived, took nine days to arrive from the time-consuming, it is estimated that just past the busy reasons understandable, bags look very pretty, texture a bit hard, which space can be, can put some small things that really surprise bag it, super satisfied.
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