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I bought a bag slung mainly cycling, it felt too large a point, hand better. Value for money.
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Bag is very satisfied, the color is very positive, is my favorite, next time a friend recommended to buy the bag is very satisfied Oh, the price is very good full leather, colleagues called to buy one! Bag is very satisfied with a few days feeling good, size is also very appropriate.
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Praise also, classic, simple and elegant, a little heavy straps can also, did not imagine so good! Customer service attitude is very good also, quite soft leather, back up above is not so stylish. Also, nice leather, style can be, in general, can be satisfied, the color is very positive, I think a small point, the overall good.
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After Huichang Lai received the bag, the quality is very good, workmanship is very fine, delicate, very fond of his girlfriend, the next will come yo bags received, the quality is very good, very good, very fond of, is genuine stylish, logistics and soon received the bag, the quality is very good, very on the grade, fine workmanship, and the seller described, I am satisfied with the bags received, the quality is very good, looks good, very much, the price is high really good seller received the bag, good quality, good-looking style, fine workmanship, fabulous, and the price is affordable, very like the bag received, good quality, beautiful style, fine workmanship.
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Fine quality, style is also very like it, feel good! Value for money! Quality did not have words, leather, oh, get the goods very pleasantly surprised and very unique style! Quality did not have to say, well, very fine workmanship, the seller service attitude is super good quality not to say that the color is very bright! Compact cute! Liked! Really good quality, style Ye Hao, design good, I liked it, like a really good quality is a bit heavy. There is.
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Received a bag is very satisfied, good quality, good-looking style, the boss and gas, I wish good business received a bag. Good quality, the color is very bright, work is also very fine, very like to receive the bag, and the bag of good quality, leather, beautifully packaged, shipped fast. Received the bag, very good, oh, I'm very fond of, satisfaction, later also to buy.
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This belt is really crass, I question the manufacturers, to the point where you save it? Logistics is really slow, but still very beautiful bag, leather a bit hard, the color with the picture a little bit different, a bit deeper color than the picture, but I think the kind of color looks better. Store service attitude is also very good hee hee, spent two days, very nice bag, friends say buy value. I introduced them to buy Oh, they will. At first sight when he liked, good workmanship, material is very true. Oh, the future will come.
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Take this package is a very mature woman atmosphere! Super temperament! Flanagan did not send a long strap baby is good, to help his mother buy a good-looking type, began to feel a general, then started to feel good inside structure is reasonable, leather soft and hardware is also good, cost-effective package quality in your home good, genuine, and the picture is the same. End to their reward, good quality, not the pick, satisfied bought years ago, now hand. Package also is relatively small.
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This fancy a long time, the election to choose to go to the selected though a little high, but this is still good value for money, the bag is the right size chain long but it can remove a few very OK, satisfied.
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Very fond of this style, quality and more satisfied than expected, fast delivery, give praise! Very much, the quality is like the boss described it, the future will buy other merchandise in this store are very fond of workmanship is very good, very pretty good value for money, the feeling is very good but it is very small fresh than thought To a small point, but fortunately the summer back quite appropriate. Express quickly seal is cut open, the first encounter demolished parts, although things Modiu, the mood is very good.
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